Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 19-Mar-2019

The following privacy policy covers the Highlands & Islands Tourism Awards (hereafter: HITA) judging website.

Site Operators

The HITA judging website is operated on behalf of the HITA Board by PRime Event Management Ltd.

Authorised PRime Event Management Ltd staff act as the Site Administrators.

PRime Event Management Ltd can be contacted through the following means:

By Post

PRime Event Management Ltd
204 Rosemount Place,
Aberdeen AB25 2XQ

By Email

By Phone

+44 (0)1224 64 64 88


Data Access

Names, addresses, and entry information can be accessed by the following:

Passwords are encrypted, and cannot be read by anyone involved in the operation of the website.

Data Collection

The only data we collect through the HITA judging website is information necessary to allow us to operate the awards.

We only store this information for users who register to enter or nominate in one or more Award Categories. No information is stored for users who do not register

Data Retention

All data for the previous year's registrations and entries is deleted prior to registrations re-opening for the next entry period. For example:

How Do I View, Amend, or Delete My Information?

Each registered user can view information for each Award Category they have entered from their Entries Page, which is the first page shown after login.

Name and address information can be viewed/amended from the Profile Page, which is linked in the navigation bar after login.

A user can also delete their account from their Profile Page. However, if this is done, any Award Category entries they have previously made will also be deleted.

If a user is experiencing issues amending or deleting their information, they can raise a request with the Site Administrators to complete the action for them.


This website makes use of two essential cookies:

If a user does not access either the login or registration screens of the website, these cookies are not set.